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Street Basketball 2: Authentic Sequel

Official Launch + Apk

💡 Platform – Android | IOS

Available: Google Play / App Store – Taiwan

The description of Street Basketball 2 (by 5X Games HK)

Show a show, let’s fight if you don’t agree
“Street Basketball 2: Authentic Sequel” is a powerful sequel to the popular basketball mobile game “Street Basketball”. In addition to the continuation of the way of real-time real-time competition, under the premise of emphasizing real basketball confrontation, the game research and development has carried out large-scale technical upgrades and updates. In addition to using Motion Capture to capture player movements, the full 3D technology also improves the collision and Various details of the dangling performance, and realized the first full 3D rendering scene of the basketball game. At the same time, the latest anti-plug-in detection technology is used to completely block the plug-in issues that are most concerned about competitive games, allowing players to have a real, passionate and fair competitive gaming experience.


Real basketball competition, strength is the only truth
Infinitely changing fancy dribbling, swaying opponents to the extreme, taunting after scoring, on the street basketball court, regardless of your social status, tall, short, fat or thin, as long as you have the ability, you can dominate the court and gain everyone’s attention. Worship the eyes and become the only MVP on the field.


Featured players from various countries, passionately pursuing basketball dreams
Every street basketball player has a dream, which is to dominate every corner of the court in the world. Now the opportunity to realize your dream is here. Invite your partners, create your team and challenge the world together, let everyone know who is the strongest Street basketball player.


Play with your own characteristics, and there are no restrictions on skill points
Is your life someone else making decisions for you? Who says that inside players can only be at the basket and defenders can’t get backboards. Don’t be limited by common sense. Let go of yourself and break through the framework and use your own gameplay to get out of your own way.


Cool special fashion, wear your soul
Appear on the street basketball court in a characteristicless jersey? This will only be exchanged for boos all over the room, whether it is wild street style, or fashionable outfits, or even fun puppet suits, as long as you want to do nothing.

Freely customize and match to create an exclusive court
People need to dress up in gold, their own basketball home court, of course, they also have to dress up beautifully. The hip-hop music station and street-style spray paint graffiti carefully display your basketball holy land and show others how you think about basketball. manner.

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