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Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains

Official Launch – Open Beta

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains (by KOMOE TECHNOLOGY LIMITED)

Ghoul World
“Ghouls” lurk around Tokyo, hunting humans and devouring their flesh. Ken Kaneki, a bookworm who frequented the café “Anteiku”, met a woman there. Both were at a similar age, in a similar situation, and even fond of the same books; they began to grow closer. And yet… after a date in a bookstore, Ken Kaneki was involved in an accident that changed his fate, and was forced to transplant a “ghoul” organ…
Ken Kaneki regards this twisted world with doubt and uncertainty, yet all the while he’s drawn into its clutches in an inescapably terrible spiral.

Storyline Introduction
In Tokyo, there are creatures lurking among the crowds, known as ‘ghouls,’ who prey on humans. Ken Kaneki, a student who loves reading, frequently visits a cafe called ‘Anteiku’. There, he meets a woman who is about his age. They soon find out that they have similar life experience, and passion for reading. Gradually, they grow closer to each other… However, after a bookstore date, Kaneki is involved in an accident that changes his destiny – he is transplanted with the organs of a ‘ghoul’…
While grappling with doubt and constantly struggling in this twisted world, Kaneki is drawn into an inescapable cycle of vicious events…

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Game Info
A rich cast of characters
Through 3D animations, players will be immersed into exciting battles. Build a team with 30+ characters from the original series, and create unique bonds with each of your teammates!

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Relive the classic scene
The classic story is presented through 3D animations!
Let’s dive into a world that has not faded to this day and is full of charm and contradictions!

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Strategic battles
The card combos, a highly strategic gameplay that allows you to turn the tide at any time by using the attribute restriction and the order of card placing. Multiple card combos generate powerful ‘Warlust skills’, delivering a deadly blow to the enemy after a spectacular ultimate move performance!

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Multiple gameplay
The game includes a storyline depicting the conflict between humans and ghouls, a maze that can be explored on your own, a co-op system to challenge with other players, and player versus player battles and other rich gameplay elements!

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