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Fight Z

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Fight Z (by Fantasy Game Indie)

Fighting Z – hardcore fight (Beat-up – Beat ’em up). A game with exciting battles, it’s worth trying a boss battle with friends. A fight in the arena between various fighters and the final boss. You can play in a team of up to 4 players.

Fight Z

One of the main features of the game “Fighting Game Z” is the presence of a large number of different fighters and customization of the development of the fighter and his techniques. You can choose any hero and try your hand at fighting in the arena, creating a unique fighter with different techniques, punches and combos, forgetting pumping characteristics. In addition, you can use items and interact with enemies by grabbing and throwing them.

Fight Z

+More than 15 fighters
+More than 50 different strokes
+Influence on the development of the fighter
+Many bosses, different difficulty levels
+The ability to play in a cooperative of up to 4 players

Fight Z

Control on the keyboard arrows, strokes and actions are performed on the mouse by clicking on the corresponding icons. If you play on a touch screen, control on a virtual joystick, the action icons are on the right of the screen.
The goal of the game.
Defeat all bosses. To facilitate the achievement of the result, you should go into the hall and pump the blows and characteristics of the fighter. Initially, the fighter has 4 strikes, so the combo can be applied a little, but if you pump new blows, then the duration of the combo will increase significantly.
In the arena, you can interact with enemies using grappling and finishing on them, you can also collect weapons scattered on the floor and also use barrels and boxes by throwing them at the enemy.


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