Symphony of Epic

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 심포니 오브 에픽 (by Moonton)

[Symphony of Epic]: A fantasy RPG that suddenly gets stronger!
A new level for the conductor to appreciate the story!
New equipment that the conductor will pick up as partners!
New cashback, with which the conductor adorns the strongest deck!

From the endless abyss to the Tower of Babel that pierced the sky – all this was born in the conductor’s symphony!
A simple and heartbreaking Symphony of an epic. Let’s make a wonderful world here ^^

introduction to the game

Simple! Growth of the game!
A world that gets stronger without stress! Level up in no time and even reward yourself with automatic battles! Leave this alone, Commander.

심포니 오브 에픽

Get addicted! Strategic battle!
A world of taste! Six major factions and hundreds of heroes! Build the strongest deck with one click! Commander, touch!

심포니 오브 에픽

Mysterious! An endless dungeon!
Various content such as battles, dungeons and the Tower of Babel! Let’s work on ourselves so that the conductor can challenge a stronger boss!

심포니 오브 에픽

Heart beats! Match mode!
Fun arena system and super-powerful guild battles! Conductor, invite your friends to join us ~

심포니 오브 에픽

Magnificent! Fantasy story!
Amazing story! The hidden truth! Commander, travel to the Dawn Continent with sweet Leila!

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