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Tales of Crown : Idle RPG

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tales of Crown : Idle RPG (by Super Rabbit Games Corp.)

What?! I’m a knight of legend?!
A journey to try and save the world with Phi and Mokko, one a newfound knightess and the other a faithful messenger of the goddesses!
Save Natureland alongside Phi, who continues to grow stronger!

Become a true hero, brave enough to face the Dark Lord himself!
One day, the Dark Lord suddenly appeared and began stealing the powers of the goddesses!
This is bad! If we don’t do something, Natureland will be gone before we know it!
Become a true hero and save Natureland from the threat of the Dark Lord!

Fast-paced and satisfying! Never stop growing stronger!
You can earn EXP and the resources you’ll need for your journey through auto-farming and offline rewards.
Experience quick, satisfying character growth that you’ve never seen before!

Tales of Crown : Idle RPG

High-quality graphics you’ve never seen in previous idle games!
Are you tired of mass-produced idle RPGs?
High-quality 3D graphics and dynamic actions never before seen in other idle games!

Create your own unique knight with an expansive array of costumes and skill sets!
Acquire new skills and costumes by clearing quests!
Make your knight your own with unique costumes and skill sets!

Tales of Crown : Idle RPG

A journey to save the world with your own unique partner!
Adventuring may get lonely without company! Your Spirits will partner with you on your journey to battle the Dark Lord as a Crown Knight!
Enhance your companion Spirits to stand against the threat of the Dark Lord!

Diverse dungeons, missions, and training grounds! We have it all!
No more idle RPGs where you just sit and watch!
Immerse yourself in the daily life of a Crown Knight! Train, train, train, and then take on all sorts of dungeons!

Tales of Crown : Idle RPG

A journey that is even more fun with friends!
Did you get stuck during your adventure? Do you want to share tips and tricks about defeating bosses?
Join a guild and share your experience with others!

Tales of Crown : Idle RPG

Tons of events for quick growth! Now easier than ever!
Stage Passes, Level Passes, repeatable quests, and even attendance rewards!
A whole slew of events and rewards to help your knight grow stronger even faster!

Tales of Crown : Idle RPG

A storyline portraying the daily life of an adventuring knight!
Did you know that the adventure of the Crown Knight began by accident?!
Enjoy the adventures of Phi and Mokko, a Crown Knight and the messenger of the goddesses, along with plenty of other side stories!

Available: Google Play – TH

Tales of Crown : Idle RPG

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