The Collectors

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The description of The Collectors (by True Digital Plus Company Limited.)

Welcome to the colorful world of animal civilization. Meet “The Collectors”, the municipal garbage collectors team consisting of formerly extinct and formerly endangered animals. Help them to save the world from the overflowing trash and collect your way to the recycling heaven.

Real-time battle in TEAM FIGHT mode
Play with other players online at any time
Work with your team to collect trash bags, turn them into goods and deliver them to gain a score for your team
Obstruct your opponents or even take what they carried along the way

The Collectors

Challenge yourself in single-player modes like Story and Challenge
Play through the Story mode to learn more about the game and collect the stars to complete your stars collection
Challenge yourself to keep the game running the longest in the Challenge mode

The Collectors

Become one of The Collectors
Play the game as charming animals from The Collectors team
Get to know the story behind each of these endangered and extinct animals
Customize them with costumes and make them stand out from the others

The Collectors

Everything is free, it just needs your patience
The world of the animal civilization is totally free without any in-app purchases that will bother you
Play and gain progress to unlock charming characters and costumes

The Collectors

Understand the recycling process for different materials
Get to know about the recycling process for different materials as you play through the game
Learn about what these materials turn into after they are recycled

The Collectors

Learn more about Sustainable Development Goals and more
Learn more about Sustainable Development Goals through the game and be part of the movement to our sustainable future
Understand the story of endangered and extinct species that are selected to be part of The Collectors team
Keep an eye on the loading screen with more interesting facts that you can learn

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The Collectors

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