Tower Brawl

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Tower Brawl (by DOMO ZOO)

“Tower Brawl: Legends Royale” is a casual competitive game that combines tower defense, cards, and real-time strategy. Compared with usual tower defense games, Tower Brawl has created a new siege tower battle game, with mutual collocation and restraint between card decks, and random card draw in the battle full of variables. Players can enjoy the strong strategy and randomness in this fantastic game.

Game Features

Auto chess-tower defense and real-time battles
With the innovative combination of auto chess and tower defense, and 1v1 real time battle, you can start a battle in 3 seconds! Players can deploy 10 heroes to fight with the card deck. You can get silver coins to upgrade your heroes by killing the opponent’s soldiers. In the battle, adjust the hero lineup in real time, and defeat the opponent with random equipment to make invincible legend!

Tower Brawl

Enjoy Co-op mode with friends
Challenge the strongest BOSS in Co-op mode! In this mode, you can randomly match your teammates, or call your friends to join your team. Each BOSS has its own features, and you can have the chance to get the mysterious wisp hero by killing the BOSS!

Tower Brawl

A variety of heroes and free collocation
There are 5 classes in the game, mage, archer, warrior, priest, summoner, and special races like Panda and Wisp. Players can freely create a legendary lineup with a hundred strategies combination!

Tower Brawl

Create immortal epic in Arena
Summoners gather together in “Arena” and fight for the champion. Exclusive Hero Reward will be given out in Arena!

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Available: Google Play – PH, SG, MY

Tower Brawl

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