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Tower King Grendel

Official Launch(Now on iOS) + Apk

💡Platform – Android | Ios

The description of Tower King Grendel (by EKGAMES)

Super-simple battles! Go on an adventurous expedition to pioneer a new continent!
Pioneer a new continent by fostering your characters and executing various strategies!
Huge bosses and amazing relics are in front of you.

– A tower defense that anyone can easily enjoy!
– Various territories! Over 10000 stages!
– Conquest, Tower Area, Various Ruins, and Boss battles!
– Craft hidden artifacts and activate powerful artifact effects!
– Over 100 unique characters!
– Easy controls and character growth!
– And lastly, an unknown new continent waiting for you…

Tower King Grendel
Tower King Grendel

Simple game rules that anyone can enjoy – even for beginners!
Summon your characters with a simple touch, defeat monsters, and destroy enemy towers to craft amazing artifacts.
Craft artifacts to grow your team, and hire and nurture powerful heroes and master characters.

Tower King Grendel
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