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Train Army: Military Empire

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Train Army: Military Empire (by MAD PIXEL GAMES LTD)

Commander, it’s time to take control of an entire army to turn the fighters into true professionals and train them for combat.

Enemies have taken over the land, now everything is in your hands. Train your fighters, improve their weapons, and send them into battle to reclaim your land. Get the best equipment for your soldiers, improve their characteristics and unlock new levels.

Train Army: Military Empire

Idle arcade game in which you have to develop your training camp, gradually expanding and improving it, unlocking new abilities to fight. After successful training, the soldiers will go to the battlefield to take part in the battle and reclaim the land!

Your soldiers will also need your help. In addition to training, you can participate in battles using different abilities and skills. The more you go through, the more abilities will be unlocked, choose them wisely and to your liking.

Train Army: Military Empire

What are you waiting for, commander? The war has already begun, all that’s left is to take part and show what you can do! Are you ready to take this challenge and prove to everyone that you are a real leader? All right! Then download Train Army: Military Empire right now, it’s absolutely free!

Train Army: Military Empire

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