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Cthulhu Awakens

Early access – DEMO + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Cthulhu Awakens (by Cosmic Foundry)

This is our Lovecraft-inspired, SUPER EARLY Secret Demo of Cthulhu Awakens!

Cthulhu Awakens

This pre-Beta demo focuses on the core puzzle mechanic that is used in the game’s combat. You battle waves of horrifying creatures with a squad of five (5) agents. Other major features like base building, PvP matchups, the rich narrative, agent crafting/upgrading and monster capture are NOT in this demo but will be in the final game.

Cthulhu Awakens

This release serves three (3) purposes:
1) Give our early fans access to something they can see and play. Give us input!
2) Gather feedback from our community on how to make the final game better (and collect bugs).
3) Reward our fans who complete the demo and all its Secret Goals a special offer (hint: it’s a Digital Collectible).

Cthulhu Awakens
Cthulhu Awakens

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