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Undergrave – Prologue

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💡Platform – Android | Steam

The description of Undergrave – Prologue (by Wired Dreams Studio)

After losing your beloved, your character decides to bring her back by going deep into the Void Realm and completing the Trial of Resurrection. From the creators of Red Ronin, each campaign will challenge the player with a new and unique adventure.


Your character has 3 different skills, being necessary to use them wisely because when used the skills consume your stamina that recovers over the turns.

Undergrave - Prologue


Slash your enemies in a straight line if you have your sword, or run through them if you’re unarmed.


Jump from to another part of the board leaving enemies stunned on landing or just fend them off if you’re unarmed.

Undergrave - Prologue


Throw your sword to damage an enemy. When you are unarmed, all skills cost less stamina.


You can also retrieve your sword during a dash or jump and use the skill at a reduced cost. Use this to your advantage and find the best alternative in each situation.

Undergrave - Prologue
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