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Little Triangle

Official Launch – Mobile + APK

💡 Platform – Android | Steam | iOS

The description of Little Triangle (by CottonGame)

“Little Triangle” is a hand-drawn, platform action-adventure game. In the game, players take on the role of the “Little Triangle” to bring back prosperity and tranquility to the Trangle Kingdom. Players must navigate through various traps and fend off attacking enemies by jumping skillfully. To rescue their triangular companions, the “Little Triangle” ventures into factories, temples, and jungles, facing countless adversaries and fighting alone. However, the path ahead is far from smooth; the “Little Triangle” progressively enters a vast danger composed of traps, mechanisms, hidden weapons, and unpredictable evil forces. The ultimate victory of the “Little Triangle” depends on the player’s abilities! Throughout the game, players will immerse themselves as if they are personally writing this gaming story.

Little Triangle
Little Triangle
Little Triangle

Game Features:
– Jumping Techniques: Jumping is both a means of advancement and attack, and players must skillfully use long jumps and double jumps.
– Embrace Challenges: The game offers a certain level of difficulty, and a small mistake may lead players back to the checkpoint to start again.
– Distinctive Art Style: Players will encounter familiar characters and scenes with a chubby, pudding-like art style.
– Multiplayer Cooperation and Competition: The multiplayer mode is an excellent choice for leisure entertainment after meals, providing a completely different experience from the single-player mode.

Little Triangle
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