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Clash of Stars

Official Launch(TW)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 星際衝突 (by Sany Games)

“Interstellar Conflict”: Interstellar strategy battle!

In the unknown interstellar universe, brave commanders, your interstellar journey is about to begin! “Interstellar Conflict” is a thrilling interstellar-themed game that will allow you to experience the unprecedented fun of cosmic warfare and construction. Starting from choosing a unique planet, gradually build your interstellar empire, face dangers and challenges, and achieve your battle legend!

Game Features:
Build an interstellar base: Choose one of five planets full of mysterious resources as your base. Each planet is guarded by a unique guardian beast to collect resources, develop the economy, and build an indestructible base.


Create exclusive troops: Unlock various arms and technologies to customize your combat troops. The combination of arms and ammunition will determine your victory or defeat on the interstellar battlefield. Build a city defense system to protect your planet from invasions.


The Power of the Star Alliance: Join the Star Alliance, participate in alliance missions, and earn rewards and Star Alliance points. Through weekly alliance battles, fight side by side with alliance members, and compete for super rewards such as time-limited skins, so that your strength can be improved to a higher level.


Exquisite skins and equipment: By accumulating Star Alliance points, you can improve your equipment manufacturing level and get more powerful weapons and equipment. At the same time, unlock limited-time skins to make your commander image more unique.


Strategy as much as courage: Thinking strategically is as important as making bold decisions. In the vast universe of Interstellar, you will face unknown enemies and challenges, and use your wisdom and courage to guide your empire to the road to victory!

Experience the shock and excitement of interstellar wars, build your own interstellar empire, and become a force to be reckoned with in the universe! Brave commanders, the fate of the stars is in your hands!

Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO, SG, etc…


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