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Whisper of Shadow

Soft Launch – Open Beta + APK – Data will be saved

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Whisper of Shadow (by Kingame Studio)

Whisper of Shadow is a roguelike strategy idle game. In Whisper of Shadow, you will march through dangerous dungeons, face random events, summon heroes and fight against devils.
In ancient times, gods promised to protect the human world. But humanity always seemed to find a way to drag the world into the abyss of corruption under the guise of noble pretenses…
The obsession with power and malevolent forces drove humanity to madness, engulfing homes in the flames of war, opening the gates of hell, and shattering the old order…
As the savior, you awaken in this dark world. Brace yourself to embark on a journey with heroes, uncover long-buried secrets, rescue humanity, and put a stop to this era of darkness!

Whisper of Shadow

The Pure Roguelike Dungeon Adventure
Whisper of Shadow provides everything you need for a roguelike dungeon adventure! Follow the storyline and march through the dangerous dungeon. Defeat the devil, find a way out and cliam your rewards! Remember, every decision you make during the adventure could bring you either rewards or curses. Be careful of what you wish for!

Whisper of Shadow

A Vast Open World of Darkness
From Magma Temple to Boreal Furnace, venture through the vast world of darkness. Experience a rich storyline and encounter hundreds of heroes. As the savior, you fight alongside with the heroes and save the day! Whisper of Shadow offers a huge amount of artistic and astonishing scenes & maps. Make sure to join in!

Whisper of Shadow

Use Your Wisdom
Summon, collect & grow with hundreds of heroes, forge your exclusive gear and create the perfect lineup! Customize your powerful squad through Whisper of Shadow’s various build systems and ensure your great victory!

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Available: Google Play – Canada, Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia

Whisper of Shadow

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