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Treasure GO!-Infinity

Early access – SEA + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Treasure GO!-Infinity (by Neorigin Games Publishing)

Enjoy a permanent 90% discount – even more value awaits:
All recharges, whether it’s your first or a subsequent one, are available at a flat 10% discount! Starting from just $0.09 USD, and never exceeding $9.99 USD! More recharges mean more discounts, making your gaming journey easier and more enjoyable!

Colorful Daily Benefits:
The benefit-packed version offers a perpetual 10% discount with a variety of exciting activities! Daily login rewards, check-ins, deluxe gift packs, and limited-time events – surprises await you every day!

Treasure GO!-Infinity

Embark on an adventure with the most adorable guardians:
The super cute Guardian Squad is waiting for you to discover! In your adventure, monsters aren’t just opponents; they can also be tamed as your pets and mounts! Capture, nurture, increase intimacy, and synthesize even rarer pets!

Treasure GO!-Infinity

Free your hands, open your chests with ease:
Just open crates worldwide! No need to defeat bosses or complete tasks – chests are right in front of you, with equipment and experience ready for you! With turn-based combat, free your hands for gaming anytime, anywhere!

Thrilling PvP and PvE battles:
Explore fantasy world dungeons, conquer bosses with friends! Engage in numerous PvP and PvE battles, challenge after challenge, and break through your limits!

Exclusive personalized customization, a multitude of fun gameplay:
The game offers a plethora of customization features – wings, mounts, titles – create a unique character! Experience the farmer’s life with original farms and fish ponds – plenty of fun with farming, stealing vegetables, and fishing!

Treasure GO!-Infinity

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