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Vana’s Quest:Tower Defense

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The description of Vana’s Quest:Tower Defense (by Fun&Q Game)

The great war known as the ‘Monster War’ has been end for over 200 years, and the long history of peace and development is really wonderful

Oh, no, no. There are no more heroes in the world now. The ‘Six Heroes’ has gone,the era of peace cannot breed such dazzling people like theirs

Those great people created a great age, which will continue for a long time

But our stories always come with accidents as expected

The quiet and peaceful night talk will be disturbed by sudden threats

As the deputy leader of the adventure team, you need to overcome difficulties with your friends

Vana's Quest:Tower Defense

Welcome to the continent of Rune
Different regions, different people; There are the Kingdom of Licht, which is famous for its mastery of elemental magic, the I.O. Federation, which is good at magic industry, and the city of Cronus, which has gathered many universities. Or perhaps you are more interested in the ancient Ouripia across the mountain range?

Vana's Quest:Tower Defense

Partners with diverse personalities
How can the process of adventure be without partners! Recruit personalized partners to adventure together! Here are slightly timid young magicians, elegant and confident Ouripia mercenaries, travelers who has arrived all over the continent, and even intelligent robots. Each partner can use unique skills to engage in battles. Recruit partners to your own adventure team as much as possible

Vana's Quest:Tower Defense

Role development with strategies
Characteristic skills, divinity items, and runes. The growth direction of our partners is up to you! Try to build the strongest adventure team on the continent!

Vana's Quest:Tower Defense

Back-to-back to fight! Emm,maybe we always have to be back-to-back to fight…
Rely on the core behind you to confront the incoming monsters! But be careful not to let the core under attack!

As the deputy leader, use tactics and cooperation among different partners to unleash the characteristics of different partners against different enemies and win beautiful victories

Vana's Quest:Tower Defense

Form an association with friends
Make new friends and challenge association activities with friends! You can also send your partners out to help other friends in the association!

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Vana's Quest:Tower Defense

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