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War of Empires – All New Age of Empires

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The description of War of Empires – All New Age of Empires

War of Empires is a global real-time war strategy game based on the conflict of world civilizations. Countless creatures thrive in this magical continent.

For the glory and conquer, the Lord will lead his people to embark on a long and arduous war in oppression and resistance. As a lord, you can build your Castle, recruit famous generals, assemble your allies, attack others, plunder resources, and to develop civilization.

Cross the boundaries of time and region, and compete for the glory of the King of the world!

Game Features

War of Empires - All New Age of Empires

Hero Recruitment: Deploy World Famous Generals
Hero Hall gathers heroes of different identities and backgrounds from all over the world. They are waiting for you to deploy! Use various recruitment cards, and see who will become a new generation of heroes in the magical and legendary world?

War of Empires - All New Age of Empires

Primary battle: Global battle for the Throne
From ancient tribal conflict wars, three Kingdom strategy wars, and to modern civilization conflict wars. Assemble global allies, rally for other castles, flexibly utilize hidden soldiers gameplay, choose the best war strategy, and then launch an attack to become the King of troubled times.

War of Empires - All New Age of Empires

Strategic combat: Training the Lion
The Lion King has 16 different characteristics and skills, and each Lord has a unique lion in the world. Through free management and matching skill combinations, the Lion King can help the Lord develops the tribe, and plunders the land while protecting the tower. This provides the Lord with more strategic choices and interesting experiences.

War of Empires - All New Age of Empires

Global Treasure Quest: Capture Glory Artifact
Exquisite full 3D graphics, new massive free gold, explore classic sand table maps, obtain rich and diverse artifacts, join the alliance for rapid development, and many magic artifacts are waiting for the Lord to discover and challenge!

Cross-server Battle: Plunder resources
Innovate in the classics, simulate real battles, and restore war scenes; Multiplayer from worldwide are on the same servers! From the cross-server invasion, throne war, and to the cross-server throne war, fighting and plundering, who will lead the powerful alliance to become the strongest in the glory resource tower?

War of Empires - All New Age of Empires

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