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Warrior Guard

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Warrior Guard (by Bob Funrs)

You are a soldier living in the future world, one day you find that the outside world becomes extremely noisy…
You run to find a bunch of strangely dressed people wrecking the city…
Suddenly, a mysterious portal appeared beside you…
Many self-proclaimed superheroes appear in front of you…
For the safety of the city, you have to lead them to get rid of these enemies…

Experience the thrill of crazy killing enemies!
You can continuously click the strengthening button on the screen to greatly improve your hero, and it is not difficult to destroy monsters! Click the skill to make your hero deal full-screen damage to the enemy! If you think clicking is troublesome, you can also turn on the automatic mode to make it easier for you to win this victory!

Warrior Guard

There are hundreds of weapons, skills and talents for you to match!
As long as you continue to participate in killing enemies in the game, you can get a lot of gems! Use gems to summon a large number of weapons, skills and talents to improve your lineup and heroes! When you are in trouble in the game, quickly summoning and upgrading more advanced weapons or skills must be the best way to improve combat power and pass the level!

Warrior Guard

Massive heroes and collections are waiting for you to collect!
Heroes of different professions have different positions, you can match the lineup according to your preferences! In the game, you can also collect many rare collections, which can bring huge benefits to your team! Hurry up to pick and claim your favorite heroes and collections!

Warrior Guard

A large number of gameplays are constantly updated!
There are also a variety of interesting ways to play in the game. In the territorial gameplay, you can use mine drafts to dig out a lot of treasures and resources in the mine, and experience the thrill of crazy mining and increasing gold coins! There are also a large number of adventure dungeons, diamond trials, gold coin trials, collection trials and other gameplays waiting for you to unlock!

Whether you enjoy the refreshing feeling of soaring combat power, or like the sense of accomplishment of constantly clearing levels, Endless Brawl can satisfy you! Click to download and embark on this melee journey!

Warrior Guard

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