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Warship Alliance: Conquest

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Warship Alliance: Conquest (by UPJOYJOY)

Great Commander, In 2064, under the new world order, you will personally build military ports, stockpile resources, develop weapons, and advance technology. Lead the super fleet and fight side by side with your allies. Seize your glory in this turbulent era, and become the new master of the maritime era and the vast oceans!

Contest for World Dominance
As global warming raises sea levels, the world order shifts to three maritime factions in opposition. Amidst cooperation and battle.
The future witnesses a surge in AI technology, creating self-aware AI robots. These machines aim to subjugate the three factions and dominate the Earth.
Commander, join a faction, defend against and counterattack the other two factions and the rogue AI robots, and lead your faction to dominion over the new world!

Warship Alliance: Conquest

Build a Super Fleet
Modern vessels undergo continuous updates and replacements, offering you a selection of hundreds of aircraft carriers, destroyers, submarines, and various types of warships.
Equipment technology is rapidly advancing. Vertical launch systems, electromagnetic catapult systems, Railguns, and other equipment are available for you to assemble.
With thousands of combinations of ships and equipment, Commanders, please build the most powerful fleet on Earth!

Warship Alliance: Conquest

Develop Cutting-Edge Weapons
Stealth aircraft, hypersonic missiles, super torpedoes, and various advanced weapons have emerged.
Weapons form the foundation of fleet strength. Commander, strive to develop the world’s most advanced weapons to possess the power to defeat anything!

Warship Alliance: Conquest
Warship Alliance: Conquest

Command Fleet Expeditions
Different warships and fleet formations have interrelated restraining dynamics. Utilizing these relationships effectively can achieve surprising victories, resulting in the effect of winning with fewer forces.
Commander, please use different strategies wisely, and command the strongest fleet to conquer the world with your wisdom!

Available: Google Play – United States, Germany, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand

Warship Alliance: Conquest

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