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Wild Catch & Ranch: Match3 RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Wild Catch & Ranch: Match3 RPG (by Aimed Inc.)

Catch and tame wild mounts all around the world and create your own ranch. – Match-3 RPG

Explore and capture wild mounts
– In the world of Wild Catch And Ranch, there are numerous wild mounts with mysterious powers hiding around the world.
– As a rider, you can capture and tame wild mounts to become your partner for rodeo competitions and grow their strength on your ranch.

Wild Catch & Ranch: Match3 RPG

Customize your ranch
– In Wild Catch And Ranch, you can manage your own ranch!
– The ranch is the core of the game where you can tame your mounts and produce resources through farming, mining, refining and much more!

Wild Catch & Ranch: Match3 RPG

Participate in rodeo
With your rider and mount trained, you can participate in rodeo competitions. Compete with other players! Win trophies and become a champion!

Wild Catch & Ranch: Match3 RPG

Exciting Real-Time Match-3 Puzzle game
– It is not a simple match-3 puzzle game, Wild Catch And Ranch offers a unique gameplay where you can battle against other mounts in real time.
– Experience various skills, team attacks and powerful ultimates that are only found in WCNR!

Wild Catch & Ranch: Match3 RPG

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