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Witch and Council : Idle RPG – Official iOS

Official Launch – iOS Release – Global

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Witch and Council : Idle RPG (by Nugem Studio)

Let’s fight off the student president who took away mother’s necklace!

Lulu was attacked by the student president in the forest.
When the necklace was taken away from her, Lulu has lost all her magic abilities.

Lulu starts her adventure trying to retrieve the only thing that her mother left her with.
But she gets to face countless monsters and members from the council trying to stop her.

Will Lulu be able to get her necklace back?

Witch and Council : Idle RPG

What type of game is Witch and Council?

User-friendly and easy idle RPG
– You can enjoy the game straightaway! Easy for the new players as well.
– Your characters gets stronger and getting new abilities even you are away from your mobile.

Witch and Council : Idle RPG

Attractive characters from the council and interesting background story
– Start gathering attractive student council characters and play!
– Enjoy the interesting story while you are walking through all the stages.

Witch and Council : Idle RPG

Easy and fast level up!
– Endless rewards are given throughout the game, and enjoy watching your characters get stronger overtime! – Variety of skills, dungeons and quests are waiting for you! Come enjoy all the different contents!

Witch and Council : Idle RPG

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