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Wizardia – NFT

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The description of Wizardia (by SKYJET)

Wizardia is a free-to-play, turn-based strategy, dark sci-fi fantasy game. Collect and progress unique wizard characters to build your own powerful team and battle other players in PvP and PvE tournaments. Win battles to progress your characters, unlock new abilities and win rewards!

Wizardia combines addictive gameplay with a charming story. The Kingdom of Magic lives in a destroyed reality filled with mystical powers.

The game is a turn-based action RPG where the player controls a team of three wizards who fight in PvE or PvP duels in the Arena to earn valuable resources.
The team’s selection consists of 15 unique Wizards, born with one of three different Affinities (Body, Mind, Soul), which work like rock-paper-scissors.

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Sorcery, defeat your enemies, collect hard-earned rewards and build your own Legacy!

Wizardia Features

Gather a squad of wizards and fight other players in the PvP Arena every day.

Wizardia - NFT

In this turn-based strategy, more than 15 heroes are waiting for you, increase their level, equip them, improve their abilities and rarities. Use different strategies and create your own invincible squad!

Wizardia - NFT

Immerse yourself in fast turn-based battles in breathtaking arenas where the outcome of the battle depends only on you! Explore the capabilities of your heroes and create a super team by leveling up your character!

Wizardia - NFT

Wizardia is a turn-based combat game where teams of 3 wizards use mana to cast unique and exciting spells to defeat their opponents, heal and even shield allies. Compete in PvP and PvE duels and weekly tournaments to claim glory and rewards or fight it out in the free to play mode.



Wizardia - NFT

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