Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies

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💡Platform – Android

The description of Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies

Role-playing in the zombie tower defense (TD), kill or be killed, defend and shoot all the zombies to regain a life for yourself and the city. You are no longer alone, you will now fight against two-headed monsters & mow zombies with your teammates. Are you ready for this survival challenge? Let’s take the gun and fight against the zombies. Become the best defender in the walking games.

Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies

This zombie idle defense game is a life and death battle against endless waves of zombie attacks!
Zombie defense and fight against the zombie war with realistic 3D graphics, fight with your teammates to create one wonderful zombie tower defense (TD).

Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies

In Zombie tower defense (TD), you will arrive in a post-apocalyptic world where the majority of the world’s population has turned into ferocious zombies. You, along with a group of survivors, will have to mow zombies, defend yourself against the endless waves of enemies.

This idle zombie defense games will test your grit. The relentless zombie horde keeps coming and it’s up to you to defend the city, become an idle zombie defender now!
Zombies are invading and surrounding you. Join the idle zombies & zombie war and unlock weapons, upgrade guns, use awesome skills to kill all zombies.

In the first matches of idle zombie defense games, you will only fight on a road in a city full of zombies. The ruined city has been destroyed by ferocious, cruel zombies. The virus has spread throughout the city, everyone is bitten and turned into zombies. Your mission is to fight, defend, mow zombies, kill all zombies with your skills. Through higher levels, you will find many people like you, team up into teammates, forming a strong team to destroy zombies.

Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies

Addictive game features of zombie idle defense game:
A strong team to take down all dangerous zombies: full team includes 4 zombie idle defense combatants and create the strongest formation to mow zombies.
Idle zombie battle: the idle zombie (war TD) battle automatically challenges the tactical ability of the player.
Powerful items: barrier, bomb, healing, a
100+ fantasy mission every day: complete the mission, collect items, upgrade weapons to build a power zombie tower defense team
A variety of heavy weapons, utility items with skills: Misilav, Libertatis, Lazerignis, Nitorus, …
Conquer a challenging journey on a multi-region map
Log in to this zombie tower defense (zombie TD) for amazing gifts: Check-in the zombie defense games. Daily Interesting rewards
Shopping treasure, diamonds, gems to upgrade guns.
Level up your items: The more zombies you shoot, the more gems, the money you make. The more you earn the better your equipment becomes.

Zombie Defender: Idle TD & Mow zombies
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