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3Q Teenager (VN)

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The description of 3Q Teenager (Thiếu Niên 3Q)

3Q Teenager is a Three Kingdoms strategy game with top-notch graphics, opening up a world full of familiar characters from the Three Kingdoms childhood, crafted and developed by Youzu, released by VNG at Vietnam

3Q Teenager deserves to be a super product of Tam Quoc strategy game with outstanding achievements:
Be honored on the nominees & Top store charts after being launched in China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong.
More than 20 million players have participated in the game across Asia.

The attraction of the Tam Quoc role-playing strategy game series is even higher in Thieu Nien 3Q. As one of the few general card games that possesses manga anime graphics, combined with the 3Q series of generals built in youthful graphic style: Lu Bo, Trieu Van, Ngoa Long Gia Cat Luong, Quan Vu … in order to recreate the chaotic scene of the Three Kingdoms period, by coordinating with each other by coordinating, extreme and beautiful skills in TN3Q.

7-Day Plow Get Full Red General

Thiếu Niên 3Q - VNG: Tam Quốc Chiến Thuật

Unlike other three kingdom strategy games, owning the red general in 3Q Teenager game is very easy:

Login 7 days to receive free red generals.

Participate in boss hunting activities, complete achievements to receive free red generals

Possessing a red squad in 3Q that makes it extremely easy for players to copy and participate in features such as tower climbing, arenas, heterosexuals, …

Good Rain Every Day Change Your Life at Hand

Thiếu Niên 3Q - VNG: Tam Quốc Chiến Thuật

Receive Gold and lucky ticket every time you join, at 8:00 p.m. every day a random lottery

Get free VIP, change your life without waiting for time.

Unique Graphics Play Without Taking Your Eyes

Thiếu Niên 3Q - VNG: Tam Quốc Chiến Thuật

Sharp graphics in manga anime style.

Unique skill effects combined with anime movies, bringing a unique experience only at TN3Q

Wallpaper changes in real time as vivid as everyday life.

Diverse Assault – Flexible Tactics

Thiếu Niên 3Q - VNG: Tam Quốc Chiến Thuật

Co-ordination in the game is a separate feature, a remarkable point in terms of strategy:

You can freely use the stimulus you like, not dependent on the hero going to battle

Thorough combo can upgrade, increase stars, seal

Optionally combine the combinations you like, to create your own combo chain.

Lent Up VIP – Three Kingdoms Game For Plow

Thiếu Niên 3Q - VNG: Tam Quốc Chiến Thuật

Thieu Nien 3Q is one of the games for plows, lots of free gifts and benefits:

Level up and receive VIP without recharging, with many valuable rewards.

Log in online to receive gold, the longer you play the game, the more you get.

Overcoming the stage to receive gold, sweeping and receiving gold continuously without reaching the 3-star stage.Boss battle with the brothers receive rare materials, open-trade auction.

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