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Legendary Ticket King

Official Launch(KR) + APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 전설의딱지왕: 슈퍼랭킹전 딱지50,000장 지급 (by MAGHA GAMES)

Game introduction

Let’s go on a grand adventure into May’s dreams to wake her from a deep sleep!
Neo’s dreamlike adventure unfolds to purify May’s dreams that have been contaminated by something unknown.

Game Features
1. Collect scabs
You can see the birth of a new game using a round paper ticket full of retro sensibility.
Collect hero tickets, summon and evolve heroes using the tickets, and strengthen the ticket king’s unique ticket slot!

전설의딱지왕: 슈퍼랭킹전 딱지50,000장 지급

2. Light RPG
Go away from complicated RPGs! Easy operation and automatic battle system reduce play fatigue.

전설의딱지왕: 슈퍼랭킹전 딱지50,000장 지급

3. Unique hero encyclopedia ticket
Each hero has 20 unique hero labels. Once you obtain the hero label,
The story of a hero is stuck! It’s fun to read!!

전설의딱지왕: 슈퍼랭킹전 딱지50,000장 지급

4. Fold the scab
A ticket folding game where you compete for the tickets you have earned, a golden opportunity to collect tickets!
Collect the tickets you need by picking and eating tickets.

전설의딱지왕: 슈퍼랭킹전 딱지50,000장 지급

5. Various game content
Hero evolution, 5 hero slots, auto battle, quests, ticket and hero collection, training, endless battle!
Enjoy a variety of content by earning tickets!
6. PVP
Earn victory points and points through combat PvP and folding PvP to enter the game.
Challenge the Ttakji King ranking!!

Until the day you become the legendary Ttakji King!

Available: Google Play – KR

전설의딱지왕: 슈퍼랭킹전 딱지50,000장 지급
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