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Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall

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The description of Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall

In the ensuing war against the Devils, everything is waiting to revive.
Lords, Please join your fraction, defeat Devils and rebuild our empire.

Power of Thrones is the MMO Strategy game with Real Time Combat System.

Dedicated 3D Scenes and Characters brings you a visual enjoyment.
There are 3 Empires: Dragon Empire, Winter Empire and Golden Empire, which enjoys particular privileges.
Will your Empire become the King Empire?

Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall

Craft, Manage buildings within your realm
Upgrade your building for more power and stronger army
Guard your civilians and treasure from Devil’s Raid
Unlock skins to decorate your Palace and Warship and gain additional Buff

Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall

Summon, upgrade your heroes, with each grants unique mastery
Team and utilize your heroes according to their types
Control your heroes in battlefields and seize the Throne

Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall

Unlock advanced army: Dragon Knights, Axe Warriors, Artillery Guard, etc
Utilize the restraint relationship for wiser combat formation
Drag and pose the army to the battle based on your real time strategy decision

Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall

Seamless Map
Travel anywhere at your will by the Portal System. No more waiting!
Defeat Devil troops and leaders to claim bounty rewards
Search and Gather resource
Play Encounter War with other players you see in the map

Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall

Global Alliance
Friend, chat, ally with global players like-minded
Join an alliance and contribute for a powerful one
Assist other members for acceleration or with resource and even army
Plan your group combat strategy with your members
Occupy State City with your alliance from foes, claim the buff

Power of Thrones: Rise and Fall
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