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World Of Dark

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The description of World Of Dark

An era of darkness is descending upon the world. A mysterious and evil force shrouds everything it touches.

Chaos envelops the sky and darkness contaminates the earth, its twisted surface covered with sharp thorns and terrifying monsters. The erosive power of darkness is intensifying, and corrupted creatures have devolved into huge, horrific beasts.

Fearful people pray for their savior to come. An ancient prophecy states that when the dark era comes, gods will rain down from the sky, cutting through the twisting thorns and slaying the putrid demons, thus purifying the darkness’s corruption and saving mankind.

As the prophecy’s chosen one, you have a sacred purpose to fulfil in this world of darkness…
Start your sword-wielding and magic-casting adventure, increase your experience, and purge this dark world of powerful enemies.

World Of Dark

Gameplay Features
Free Your Hands, Auto-Battle!
This unique idle vertical RPG allows you to play with one hand. Non-stop auto-battles make you level up quicker and increase your strength. Earn diamonds while you rest.

World Of Dark

Versatile Skins, Show Off Your Personality!
– Skins: Freely exchange and equip skins. Mix up styles. Hundreds of different looks.
– Titles: Powerful titles bring attribute upgrades and are a symbol of honor!
– Wings: COOL!

World Of Dark

New Quests, New Challenges!
– Tons of quests that gradually increase in difficulty.
– Increase your power to unlock harder quests and earn greater rewards!
– Complete quests to unlock new challenges. Don’t miss out!

World Of Dark

Tons of Powerful Bosses, Ample Kill Rewards!
– Many terrifying and powerful bosses inhabit the dark land that’s shrouded in chaos. Some believe they are the source of all terror!
– Defeat them and dispel the darkness! As a symbol of strength, you will receive great rewards after you slay them.
– The stronger the enemy is, the more rewards and treasure you will earn for completing the corresponding quests!

World Of Dark
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