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Krabots NFT/P2E

Early access (Alpha) Android + APK

Platform – Android | iOS | PC

The description of Krabots (by HIKERGAMES PTE.LTD)

Craft your unique KRABOT and crush the enemies in the most EXPLOSIVE fight.
Prove your superior engineering skill and strategic mind.

Krabots NFT/P2E

The story begins in 2112. Application of VR, Blockchain and Metaverse in games has advanced to the next level. Developers have brought in marvelous experiences, surpassing the reality’s constraint. Krabots is one of the most exciting games of the time. It allows users to roleplay as outstanding engineers of Krasopolis, a city whose residences are cats and dogs. These brilliant engineers create their unique Krabots to join in the fiery Botfight arena.

Krabots NFT/P2E
Krabots NFT/P2E

The game has brought fame and fortune to its owner, L.I.V.E Corporation. At the peak of success, the project’s tech lead was fired without any notice. However, no one would have thought that he’d be able to add a code, in the nick of time, making all current players grounded in the virtual world of Krabots. No one knows how to return to the real world. They can only spread the rumors of a powerful boss that once defeated will open an exit for every stranded players.
Do you want to be a part of Krabots? Do you want to save the world?

Krabots NFT/P2E

Main Features:
Customize your Krabot! From wheel to weapon, from engine to driver. Show your style and power through your one of a kind build.
Collect adorable and powerful drivers from the animal city of Krasopolis
Exciting Campaigns Mode! Explore and rescue the world!
Fun and wild PvP mode! Battle against million of global players and earn valuable resources.

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Krabots NFT/P2E
Krabots NFT/P2E
Krabots NFT/P2E

Created by ©PalmassGames

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