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Official Launch(JP) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of ビックリマン・ワンダーコレクション (by Marvelous Inc.)

This year marks the 39th anniversary of the beloved Bikkuriman Devil VS Angel series (thank you anniversary)!
“Bikkuriman” will be released as an app game for smartphones to commemorate its 39th anniversary.

Feature 1:
Many popular Bikkuriman characters appear!
Enjoy the flashy big battle between angels and demons!

Feature 2:
Collect stickers and become stronger!
Many Bikkuriman stickers appear!

Feature 3:
All game content is based on an original story!
Original characters from the game also appear!


An original game scenario that allows you to enjoy the nostalgic “Bikkuriman” is now available!
Let’s aim for the next world with Saint Phoenix and the others in order to save the Celestial World from crisis…!


Game introduction
Point 1: Battle system
Very popular Bikkuriman engages in a heated battle!
Aim! A flashy “secret technique”! The activation timing is the key to victory!
Enjoy party battles with familiar sticker characters!
You can also create a dream party with your favorite angels and demons!
Choose 4 characters per party, and engage in heated battles with up to 3 parties totaling 12 characters!
Strengthen your characters and advance in battle to your advantage!


Point 2: Seal collection
Many Bikkuriman stickers appear! More will be added in the future!
Strengthen your character with the stickers you collect!
You can take a close look at the explanations on the front and back of the stickers in the sticker encyclopedia!
Let’s complete the stickers! Appearance stickers can be completed as you progress through the game!
*App version original character stickers will be ejected from the gacha as a set with the characters.


Point 3: Original elements unique to the game
Game original characters created by Bikkuriman illustrator are now available!
Game original story unfolds!

Main characters & stickers
Super Zeus, Super Devil, Saint Phoenix, Satan Maria, Ancestor Jura, Prince Yamato, Cross Angel, Tenson Jack, Demon Gashima, Majin Dojicular, Chin Carvel, Coco Hole Wansuke, etc…

What is “Bikkuriman Chocolate”
“Surprise and surprise people”
It was released with the concept of
Wafer chocolate product with Lotte sticker.

The “Devil VS Angel” series was released in 1985.
It has become so popular that it has become a social phenomenon,
We have created a variety of content, including anime and manga.

Official website

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Available: Google Play / App Store – Japan

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