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Tales of Terrarum

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Tales of Terrarum (by Electronic Soul)

Tales of Terrarum is a new 3D Life simulation town management adventure game. On the new continent of Terrarum, you will inherit territory as a descendant of the Francz family, and become the town mayor to settle the artisans and travelers who come to the town. You’ll live and expand the town together.

In this town, artisans are responsible for building the town for you, running businesses, creating industrial and agricultural production lines, and establishing trade channels and financial independence.

Travelers are responsible for battles, exploring the new continent, and experiencing the wonderful adventure of exploration.

These town residents also have realistic joys and sorrows. Meet their needs and give them support in developing the town.

Tales of Terrarum

Business Simulation and Personalization
Manage a new continent, build your castle, and personalize your town with a variety of special town buildings.

Tales of Terrarum

Town and Work Management
Give your residents jobs in town, assign them to manage buildings, earn wealth for you, and work together to plan and promote the prosperity of the town.

Produce and Craft with creative artisans
Artisans are responsible for various industrial and agricultural productions, such as providing food, clothing, shelter, and transportation. Not only that, they create equipment and craft skill cards for travelers on their adventures.

Tales of Terrarum

Assemble elite travelers
Various travelers are responsible for exploring this mysterious continent, fighting for you, and bringing more fresh resources to the town constantly.

Fulfill residents’ needs and moods
Just like the real world, there’s day and night, sell resources to meet the residents’ daily needs, and monitor their mood in order to train them to work for you.

Tales of Terrarum

Live your town life
Farming, raising sheep, harvesting, cooking, forging, processing, collecting ….You can run your favorite things in the town as you like, and enjoy the life of a casual and idyllic mayor while having the thrill of being busy and fulfilled!

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Tales of Terrarum

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