Age of Aeonis(Genesis of Order)

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Age of Aeonis(Genesis of Order) (by Pluto Games – Pluto Limited)

Ancient Titans used their supernatural powers to shape many races on Aeonis.

These races come in all shapes and sizes. They live in packs, shining with the brilliance of civilization throughout the continent.

For survival, for glory, or to control the Chronosphere; the drums of war once again bring the flames of battle to this peaceful land…

A fantasy world with more than 30 different races
Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Undead..with so many civilizations in the mix, battle is all but inevitable

Age of Aeonis(Genesis of Order)

More than 3700 possible troop formations; plan and counter like the pros
Freely deploy Heroes and Soldiers to match and counter your enemy’s lineup; with tons of unique tactics just waiting for you to discover!

Customize and build your own Fief
A customizable city, along with rich decorations; upgrade your Council Chamber, expand your Fief into a majestic capital, and build a spectacle worthy of a mighty civilization!

Age of Aeonis(Genesis of Order)

Explore the vastness of Aeonis
Explore the geography and civilizations of 13 different regions, dive into our legendary stories and tales of the Heroes of Aeonis, clear away the fog and find the truth in a magnificent war that shall last the ages!

Age of Aeonis(Genesis of Order)

Establish an empire together with your allies
Join an Alliance, help each other, expand territory together and rally to conquer your enemies. Find your own place in Aeonis!

Age of Aeonis(Genesis of Order)

Epic real-time battlefields
An epic chessboard where millions of players from all over the world gather to compete in strategy and power!

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Available: Google Play – SEA

Age of Aeonis(Genesis of Order)

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