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Fairy Tale Journey

Official Launch(SEA)+ APK

💡 Platform – Android

The description of 童话之旅 (by Mark Huo)

Travel the world of “Fairytale Journey”, erasing the boundaries of fantasy. The adventure process is similar to the study of a collection of mysterious tales. Art, sound effects, duplication and gameplay will make the game totally addictive.

【View the world】
On a fantasy continent with many races such as humans, forests, orcs, ghosts, gods, demons, etc., the World is facing a crisis of demonic invasion. You will play as a traveler, summon heroes using cards, form a team of your own heroes, evolve and grow, cooperate with a squad strategy, challenge multiple instances with flexible squad combinations, and fight those who want to destroy the continent of Tylan. … Evil enemy. This was the beginning of an epic adventure.

[Ingenuity in painting, fabulous surprises]
Hundreds of new characters, each with its own story, waiting for you to interpret. Different plots and stories are constantly popping up, different choices will bring different endings, different missions and temperaments, and different paths will begin.


[Charitable gifts, development of leisure time without picking up the phone]
You can upgrade by hanging up! Log in to get rich resources, you will get ten consecutive draws when you beat the level, and you will also get a mythical hero when you challenge the level. All kinds of super cute new benefits never stop! Collect and cultivate, break through obstacles to rush to the tower, avoid obstacle problems and let you start off to a good start!


[Seven camps, choose the composition as you want]
There are six camps: Empire, Orcs, Forest, Void, God’s Realm and Abyss, and there are more empty camps to help you get through the level quickly. The seven camps are diverse and comparable, and the personal and powerful skills of the heroes will turn victory or defeat in the blink of an eye, and you can play as much of your own happiness as you want!


[Various ways to play, rich and interesting interaction]
There are more than a dozen lances in the Tower of Trials, Arena, Enchanted Treasure Hunt, Secret Exploration, High Realm, and Valley of Wonderful Monuments. A variety of strategies will let you say goodbye to dullness! There are more interesting interactions. The heroes sleep in the land of fairy tales, waiting for you to go on a new journey.

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