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Airship Knights

Official Launch – Global + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Airship Knights (by Super Planet)

Aye, aye, Captain! Be the hero on the flying cruiser, aka Airship. While getting through unlimited stages, you can discover amazing stories in this technomagic world.

Wanna play RPG but too busy? Auto-generating Mana Engine will save you!
In Airship Knights, you don’t have to touch the battle button from the start. After a little progress, auto-enchant is supported too! Make your knights stronger by using mana generated from ‘Mana Engine’. Check out how much stronger they could get after one departure!

There’s No Place Like Home: Let’s Return to Base!
Adventure in Airship Knights is basically unlimited, but you gotta get stronger to get further. When the Airship gets stuck, return to base and be more powerful for good!

Airship Knights

Beat a Boss battle? New Cutscene is Unlocked!
After defeating the Story Boss every 100 stages, enjoy fun & gripping cutscenes full of rich artworks!

Airship Knights

A variety of Dungeons to Play!
Are you looking for different types of battle too? Let’s explore the Elemental Islands and Temple. You can compete against other players in the Arena. Please look forward to upcoming dungeon updates!

Airship Knights

Find your favorite Knight!
Recruit 40 attractive knights depicted in cute pixels, and collect beautiful portrait illustrations!

Airship Knights
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