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Age of Three Kingdoms: Battles – Android

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Age of Three Kingdoms:Battles (by OneOneGames Co., Ltd.)

The critically acclaimed Three Kingdoms single-player game

“Age of Three Kingdoms:Battles” is a single-player strategy mobile game with the theme of the Three Kingdoms War.

In the game, you need to build different card decks, according to different types of battles, match cards, and deploy troops, each battle is a contest of strategy and intelligence!

Here, you will experience the story of the three forces of Wei, Shu and Wu, competing in the Central Plains and winning the world!

Game Features

Brand new combat system

Siege, defense, attack, and exhilarating combat system, simple and exciting operation mode, give you an unprecedented combat experience.

Age of Three Kingdoms:Battles

Three card types:

Military cards, equipment cards, tactical cards, cooperate with each other, restrain each other, and the battlefield is changing rapidly, all under control.

Four major occupations:

Step, ride, bow, text, the characteristics are obvious, and the gameplay is changeable.

Age of Three Kingdoms:Battles

Three-line plot!

The forces of Wei, Shu and Wu all have their own story plots, giving you a different experience of the story of the Three Kingdoms. Follow the historical lineage of three dynasties.

100 generals!

More than 100 well-known generals are included in one fell swoop, and there is a detailed introduction, and the game is not wrong!

Age of Three Kingdoms:Battles

Four Modes!

Story, Freedom, Challenge, and Unification are four innovative modes waiting for you to fight.

Exclusive Treasures!

Exclusive to heroes, with a powerful treasure system, make your battles more flexible!

Age of Three Kingdoms:Battles

Full screen gameplay!

The overall interface of the game is neat and clean, and it is meticulously crafted, allowing you to return to the most original gaming experience.

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Age of Three Kingdoms:Battles

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