Mystical Brawl

Soft Launch(US)+APK

💡Platform – Android

The description of Mystical Brawl (by Molten Edge)

Mystical Brawl offers action, endless excitement, an awesome multiplayer battle royale experience, where no game is the same as the previous one.

Master an ever-expanding variety of characters, play strategically, and hone your skills to become the last man standing and #1 player in this action-packed game!

Progress through the trophy road and the battle pass to win awesome stuff for free, or upgrade to premium and enjoy even more rewards!

Join this fun action-packed FFA (Free For All) online multiplayer survival battle royale game!

Mystical Brawl
Mystical Brawl
Mystical Brawl

• Unique Characters
• Fun and Chaotic Experience
• Rank-based matchmaking
• Free for all in a 6 person battle
• Win awesome rewards
• Stunning Graphics
• Unique Gameplay
• A fun spin on battle royale

Mystical Brawl

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