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Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

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Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare: In a world brimming with magic and mystery, tranquility was shattered by an unforeseen disaster. The invasion of zombies has brought the magical realm to the brink of unprecedented crisis. At this pivotal moment, the once rival factions of witches – the Wind Witches, the Fire Witches, and the Water Witches – have decided to set aside past feuds and unite against a common foe.

Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare

Feature Highlights:
Rich Characters: Choose your witch, each faction boasts unique abilities and magics. From the swift Wind Witches, to the destructive Fire Witches, and the healing Water Witches, each choice impacts your strategic approach to battle.
Diverse Equipment: Unlock and collect various magical equipments through the game’s puzzle challenges. These equipments provide powerful boosts to your witches, aiding them in battle.
Innovative Gameplay: A fresh blend of puzzle gaming and strategic combat demands not only quick reactions but also forward-thinking strategy.

Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare

Puzzle Challenges: Generate magical energy by matching and eliminating specific elements, fueling your witch’s equipment enhancements and skill activations.
Assemble Armies: Recruit and train your witch army, each with unique skills and combat styles. Properly combining your team is essential to counter the ever-evolving zombie threat.
Strategic Combat: Face various types of zombie enemies, strategically deploy your witches and equipment. Utilize terrain and special events to gain advantages in battles.

Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare

The World:
In this chaos and fear-enshrouded magical world, the only hope lies in the courage and wisdom of the witches. By exploring rich maps and unlocking mysterious storylines, players will gradually uncover the secrets behind the zombie’s origin and how to restore peace to the world.

Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare

Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare is more than just a fight; it’s a test of intelligence and bravery, a challenge of strategy and speed, and a tale of unity and sacrifice. Are you ready to join this epic adventure? Download now and embark on the ultimate battle against zombies with the witches!

Witch Battle: Zombie Warfare

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