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Legend of Egg : Idle RPG

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Legend of Egg : Idle RPG (by SuperFlex)

As usual, the egg was having a good day.

Then one day…

Suddenly, a shadow loomed overhead, and it was kidnapped by someone,
When it came to its senses, it found itself in the hands of a farmer about to fry it…

Startled, the egg jumped out of the farmer’s hand and began to run away.
To catch the fleeing egg, the farmer orders the animals on the farm to catch it…

Will the egg be able to escape the farm safely?

Legend of Egg : Idle RPG

The Egg’s Farm Breakout Story! A survival growth story to become stronger!
Although small and weak, the egg can become stronger with unlimited growth in stats and potential.
Challenge dungeons to obtain various equipment and resources to grow an even stronger egg.
Obtain your own loot from crop cultivation to strengthen the egg.

Legend of Egg : Idle RPG

Defeat farm animals and acquire equipment /skills/ friends!
With generous quest rewards, you can draw unlimited equipment.
Escape more stylishly with unique egg characters.

Legend of Egg : Idle RPG

Rewards pour in just by leaving it idle!
If you don’t have time to play, it’s okay to just leave it idle! Gold and various equipment will pour in.

Legend of Egg : Idle RPG

Obtain four-leaf clovers in battles with the farmer!
Offer prayers at the Temple of Plenty and receive the power of the egg goddess.

Legend of Egg : Idle RPG

Mini-games are a bonus!
Obtain resources necessary for research through mini-game card flipping.

Legend of Egg : Idle RPG

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