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Millennium Tour: ELF

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 千年之旅:ELF (by YixinGame)

Sir, welcome to the world of [Mirren]!
This is the pure land in the minds of all living things
A world without strife
The heroes in history have all turned into “star marks”
[You]——As the servant master of all “Xinghen”
Here, we will join hands with the “Witch” to summon “Star Trace” and embark on an adventure to find out the truth…


In Mirren’s 120,000-year history, angels, humans, elves, demons, orcs, and dragons have appeared in turn. The integration of races and the conflict of beliefs have caused prosperity and disaster to constantly overlap, and chaos has challenged order again and again…
Until the main god Lilia gave the final note to this chaotic prelude: she absorbed all the sins in the world, attributed all the chaos to herself, opened the era of Mirren’s innocence and then disappeared unexpectedly.
[You], as the “servant master” of all the star marks in the world, will join hands with the witch to summon the star marks, embark on an unknown adventure together, and continue to write this sinless narrative…


A different world fantasy epic with rich plot settings
A magnificent epic from another world, with a continuous history of 120,000 years from the creation of the world to the present, it truly restores the birth process of the entire world. Countless heroes from history have come to this world to fight for you. Massive settings and unique stories behind them are waiting for you to experience!

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Join hands with the witch to summon Star Marks and go on an adventure together
As the servant master, you will work with your witches and several star marks with different personalities and abilities to uncover the dust-laden truth in the world of Myron!


Free lineup formation and experience the new turn-based fun
Witches acquire various skills by assembling different star marks, allowing you to experience the fun of real skill and strategy matching!

Sweet daily interactions, UP favorability! UP!
Rich daily gameplay: farming, cooking, fishing, horse racing, dating… Experience relaxed and interesting daily life besides battles.

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Available: Google Play / App Store – TW, HK, MO, LU


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