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Machine Soldier and Dragon

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of 機兵とドラゴン (by Donuts Co. Ltd.)

“Machine Soldier and Dragon” Game Introduction

What is “Ukishima Battle”?
A battle royale in which four ships fight in the sky.
Deciding the winner or loser
Collaboration with colleagues and quick decision-making ability
Battle modes are solo, tag, and trio.
Choose a mode and take on the battle!


What is “Machine Soldier”?
Key points of Ukishima Battle
Easy operation, just select and put out!
Leave the rest to the automatic machine soldiers.

Role of “machine soldiers”
The machine soldiers protect the floating island ship and destroy the enemy.
Machine soldiers who are good at attacking and machine soldiers who are good at defense.
The key to victory is to use each one properly!


“Ship parts expansion”
Select the parts you obtained during the battle
Strengthen the floating island ship!
Let’s all build more and more
Floating island ships are born as many as the number of battles!

“Voting system”
attack? run away?
The behavior of the floating island ship changes depending on the voting results!
Armed with a sense of solidarity with friends,
Choose your destiny with a split second decision!



The story takes place in the distant past, when the earth was destroyed.
On a “floating island” floating in the vast sky
the world where people live

For people living in harsh conditions
God called us “floating island ships” and “machine soldiers.”
Wisdom was given and life became richer.


However, in order to use that wisdom,
Energy called “solar” is necessary.
people started fighting for it

Many machine soldiers lost their lives,
A dragon appeared to replace them.

Even so, God makes a proposal to those who continue to fight.


“Put the Warrior of the Ring on the boat,
Establish a hierarchy in this sky
On the floating island of great warriors
Let’s give a lot of “eichi”

Depending on your battle record, you can choose from Sora, etc.
“Ukishima Battle” where God’s wisdom is given
It was to be held once every five years

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Available: Google Play / App Store – JP


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