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Ogu and the Secret Forest

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💡 Platform – Android | Steam

The description of Ogu and the Secret Forest (by Sinkhole Studio)

Explore the wonderful world with baby Ogu!
‘Ogu and the Secret Forest’ is a 2D adventure game with hand-drawn characters and various types of puzzles. Befriend bouncy characters and defeat strange creatures to unravel the mystery of the charming world.

– Explore the world
Explore various types of areas. Each area has a unique atmosphere and story. Solve puzzles and find hints to reveal secrets and mysteries that are undisclosed for a long time.

Ogu and the Secret Forest

– Puzzles
From recognizable classic puzzles to unique ones, various types of puzzles are waiting for you to visit.

– Creatures
The power of the Great One has been shattered and lots of vicious adversaries are keen on gathering the scattered pieces of the Great One’s power. Overcome these fearsome enemies to save the world.

Ogu and the Secret Forest

– Collectables
Hats and Masks
Put on your explorer’s hat and go find various awesome hats and masks!Dress Baby Ogu with these items and some of them might have some special skills attached.

Ogu and the Secret Forest

There are many landmarks out there.Draw fancy objects and landscapes to discover new lands and you might also find hints in them.

Ogu and the Secret Forest

Meet friends on your journey and help those in need. They might help you with their unique skills or gifts. You’re not alone in this world!

Available: Google Play – KR, AU, US, CA, etc…

Ogu and the Secret Forest
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