Soul Girl Re:Born

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Soul Girl Re:Born (by NGU Studio)

Soul Girl Re: Born
An ordinary girl, reincarnated into another world, wakes up as the boss of a Soul Gang?
Embark on an adventure of nurturing with a Soul Girl, gather Soul members, and expand the Gang’s influence!
Enjoy diverse and rich content, and experience limitless growth in this delightful Idle RPG!


Game Introduction
Chibi-style Mighty “”Idle”” Action RPG
Battle against endless enemies and experience the exhilarating feeling of high-speed Hack & Slash.
Chibi character designs, and mighty Soul subordinates embody a new collectible Idle RPG experience!


Soul System: Expand the Gang’s Influence!
Over 160 Souls with different skills and appearances.
Obtain and unlock powerful skills according to the strengthening stages, and organize formidable Soul subordinates!


Accidentally Become the Strongest Gang Boss in Another World!
Achieve limitless growth through collecting and synthesizing various equipment and Souls!
With abundant rewards constantly pouring in, rapid growth is just a blink away! I am the most formidable Gang boss!


Beyond Imagination! Resource Farming Is Too Easy!
Obtain various resources required for the gang through different types of dungeons, such as gold, antiques, etc.
Support offline rewards, becoming stronger just by being idle? It’s just too easy, isn’t it?
Break through challenges at each stage, battle against powerful bosses, and sweep through the Isekai with the Soul Girl!”


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