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ARKADIA : Chronicle of Hemitheos (Ch)

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The description of ARKADIA : Chronicle of Hemitheos

[Six consecutive draws will be sent five times at the start: choose one group to get]
● Fan feedback! Sign up for a character and get five chances of ten consecutive draws! You can choose any group to get it, and get it soft! Miss sisters with different personalities are already waiting for you in the world of Arcadia!

ARKADIA : Chronicle of Hemitheos

[Produced by the original Japanese painter: top standing painting]
● The Japanese super line artist has added new souls to the characters. Now more than 38 original hand-painted paintings have been added. Come and download the game to let the children of God leave the most beautiful figure on your mobile phone.

ARKADIA : Chronicle of Hemitheos

[The game is easy and simple: hang up]
● Daily work and study pressure is huge, come here to relax, you can receive full on-hook rewards with your finger! Just lie down to develop a male goddess, SSR easily!

[Rich and varied content: multiple copies]
● Multiplayer team copy, experience different on-hook games. There are many more ways to try out fantasy world, final tower, and the challenge of the gods, and play wonderfully in leisure!

ARKADIA : Chronicle of Hemitheos

[Strategy deployment multi-line hang up: make placement no longer boring]
● The first 3 × 3 square matrix, with countless strategic gameplay! Guide the children of God that belong to you to build your strongest team!

Thousand years ago
On the continent of mirrors
Awakened the first child of God: Cang Jie.
He created the ancient empire Davorn and the earliest civilization. However, during the heyday of the ancient empire, Cang Jie suddenly disappeared, and the continent has been in dispute.

ARKADIA : Chronicle of Hemitheos

100 years
Continuous wars have prompted a large number of ordinary people to awaken to become the sons of God on the verge of death. Among them, the most powerful and uncontrollable deity is called “Black Death” by people. She possesses the power to sculpt all living beings. And war has become a contest between the strongest sons of gods.

The two naturally awakened sons of God joined forces with a mortal to repel the “Black Death”, and the war came to an end.

The mainland gradually stabilized into three countries: the Principality of Dzhero, the Blade Empire, and the Commonwealth of Oceans, and the Sons of God became an important resource for competition among nations. While inheriting the power of God, these sons of God still retain imperfect human nature. Some of them have chosen to take responsibility and some have chosen to conform to their desires. But whatever the choice, they have more possibilities than mortals …

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ARKADIA : Chronicle of Hemitheos
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