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Battle of Mighty Troopers

💡 Platform – Android

The description of Battle of Mighty Troopers (by PSV Apps&Games)

Are you ready to win the war? This top-down dynamic shooter will appeal to all fans of war games. Fight against the enemy army using a deadly arsenal of weapons and cunning tactics in roguelike RPG. Get stronger and defeat bosses in our action. To do this, collect weapons and upgrade your characters to the maximum level.

Now you’re a brave paratrooper participating in hazardous combat missions with limited weapons. Your tactical skills, combat experience, and ability to hide in enemy territory will be useful in the game. Lead a special forces squad in the new shooter and defeat all enemies.

Battle of Mighty Troopers


* Dynamic pixelated 2D shooter,
* Exciting roguelike RPG,
* Various locations and incredible missions,
* Simple and user-friendly gameplay,
* Minimalistic design,
* Convenient one-handed control;
* Ability to play offline.

Battle of Mighty Troopers

You will find an easy-to-learn and captivating military action with a developed tactical component. Players have small pixel soldiers at their disposal: upgrade them, improve their equipment, and teach them new combat techniques. Only with precise shooting will you be able to complete all combat missions.

Battle of Mighty Troopers

Travel through amazing locations, meet dangerous opponents, and use your shooting skills to win. But remember, success in battle depends not only on your weapons but also on skill and experience. Become the best warrior in numerous battles.

Battle of Mighty Troopers

The game provides a diverse arsenal of weapons to face endless waves of enemies. Pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers, and many other deadly gadgets you can get in the game. Use strategy and commando tactics to overcome obstacles and defeat all your opponents. Gain experience and get stronger after each combat mission.

Battle of Mighty Troopers

Play the shooter for several minutes or hours — the choice is yours! This casual tactical action doesn’t require a lot of time for the sake of engaging in challenging battles. You can play exactly as long as you want!

Battle of Mighty Troopers

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