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Boori’s Spooky Tales :Idle RPG

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Boori’s Spooky Tales :Idle RPG (by Super Planet)

It was an era when ghosts were prevalent.

Boori, the exorcist, had his body taken away by a ghost

and just barely managed to stay alive

inside a crow’s body…

Will Boori be able to seek his revenge against the ghosts

and become human again…?

– Excerpt from the ghost-hunter crow’s training journal –

Boori's Spooky Tales :Idle RPG

Battle, in your ghost-hunting adventures

Auto idle battles against the swarms of ghosts!

Flick your charms and cast your skills!

Boori's Spooky Tales :Idle RPG

Learn, the ultimate skills

Enhance the 7 types of skills endlessly, including Flame, Water, and Darkness!

Inflict superior damage & battle with vivid skills!

Boori's Spooky Tales :Idle RPG

Become, the greatest ghost-hunter

Want more power? Beat the Elemental to get promoted!

Collect unique costumes while you’re at it!

Boori's Spooky Tales :Idle RPG

Demolish, the boss dungeon

Dodge and attack! Use your quick controls!

Take down the boss ghosts in the Hell and Afterlife Dungeons in no time!

Boori's Spooky Tales :Idle RPG

Grow, to be more powerful than ever

Divine Beast: Pray to the Divine Beasts and gather their spirits!

Raid: Gather the ghosts and sweep as many as you can!

Equipment: Complete the great Exorcist Sword!

Available: Google Play / App Store – CA, US, AU, etc…

Boori's Spooky Tales :Idle RPG
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