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Clash of Legions – Kingdom Rise

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The description of Clash of Legions – Kingdom Rise

Clash of Legions is a special mass battle war game with numerous epic battles of huge armies.

Clash of Legions - Kingdom Rise

You will build your own legendary squad from plenty of unique units, skills and power items. You are the King of your legions. You are in charge of leading the royal soldiers to conquer the enemies, seeking for glory, ultimate power and build your own kingdom.

Clash of Legions - Kingdom Rise

Accept the challenges of various levels, bosses to get extra rewards and strengthen your empire. Rise your kingdom, make it strong and fear no one.

Clash of Legions - Kingdom Rise

* Mythological mass battle Alliance (Human, Elf, Drawf, Trend, Valkyrie) vs Horde (Orc, Taurent, Undead, Troll, Demon)
* Number of challenges is waiting for you to conquer
* Plenty of units and items for you to design your own legions
* Regular Updates We are continuously listening to your feedback to improve your game experience and make the game incredible time-killer.

Clash of Legions - Kingdom Rise
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