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Mike the Planet Miner

Official Launch + APK

💡 Platform – Android | iOS

The description of Mike the Planet Miner (by 1DER Entertainment)

Embark on an exciting venture through the vastness of the galaxy, where the Pioneer 10 probe crash-lands on a mechanized planet inhabited by robots. Swiftly responding, the robots identify the probe and decide to unravel the mysteries of its origin. The ingenious solution? Meet Mike, the industrious mining automaton, diligently collecting cosmic resources to construct a starship and journey to Earth.


5 Unique Celestial Bodies: Navigate the cosmos and explore different planets, uncovering a variety of resources along your cosmic journey.

Mike the Planet Miner

Intellectual Challenges: Mike faces various puzzles, injecting excitement and intellectual depth into the gameplay experience.

Exotic Alien Encounters: Encounter a diverse array of alien life forms that either assist Mike on his mission or pose challenges for players.

Mike the Planet Miner

Specialized Tools: Equip Mike with an assortment of specialized tools to harvest resources, introducing a rich tapestry of dynamic challenges for players.

Stunning Graphics: Immerse yourself in visually stunning, meticulously crafted graphics that enhance the gaming experience.

Diverse Galactic Landscapes: Traverse through a variety of environments, each offering new and enthralling backdrops.

Mike the Planet Miner

Unexpected Surprises: The game is full of unexpected twists, continuously presenting new challenges for Mike and the players.

Start your cosmic exploration, solve mysteries, and construct the starship that will take you home in this captivating and challenging adventure. Mike the Planet Miner eagerly awaits your journey on your device!

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Mike the Planet Miner
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