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Code J: Golden War MMORPG

Early access – CBT(TW) + APK

💡 Platform – Android | PC

The description of 代號J (by IWPLAY WORLD)

📜 Developer Note:

Pay for deleted files | Nino test code J will officially debut on September 6th!

Elite Test Time: 9/6 (Wed) 10:00 ~ 9/11 (Mon) 12:00

Download site:

Fantasy Different World MMORPG – “Code J” Nino Test is now available!
Limited number of 1,500 people
Participate immediately to receive the CB exclusive reward “Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau First Test King”

Welcome to this golden continent full of magical style, ready to embark on a thrilling journey to another world!
You will become the son of gold, challenge the master of yin and yang to fight against the strong on the mainland, and create a legend that belongs to the Nino hero. Join now to start this absolutely wonderful fantasy adventure!

Magical high-definition 360-degree real-time combat experience
With epic art performance, real-time light and shadow technology allows you to experience all-round fierce fighting shock on the battlefield
From far to near, from the ground to the air, 360-degree real-time conversion with zero dead angle, puts you in the thrilling battle


5 Major Battlefield Occupations Freely Shape Characters
Warrior, musketeer, mage, magic sword, blood attack and other occupations for you to choose, each occupation has unique fighting style and skills
The new generation of free face pinching system creates personalized customization and becomes the unique son of gold


Unique special system · Powerful bonus of magic weapon
Combining the classic refreshing combat design with the powerful Mowu system, summon the rare artifacts in the legend
Give your heroes infinite power. Unleash the power of the European emperor’s magic and martial arts, and start a fierce battle with powerful enemies


Lord’s Glory PvP Gameplay·Who Fights
Compete battles between guilds and compete for glory with other players on the battlefield of thousands of people
Defeat the lord to obtain powerful equipment, and take the ultimate ownership to create the first guild belonging to the whole server


Immersive audio-visual feast · Enjoy adventure
Through high-quality game optimization, exquisite characters and beautiful scenes are created, allowing you to experience this fantasy world personally
Bring immersive music sound effects and changing maps into the fantasy land, experience an unprecedented adventure

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Available: Google Play – TW, HK, MO

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