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Legends of The Wild

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💡 Platform – Android

The description of Legends of The Wild (by StarFortune)

Welcome to Legends of the Wild, where you hold the power to shape your own destiny! Here, you can build a kingdom from scratch, reclaim lost lands, and expand your reach with a team of all-powerful heroes by your side. Nothing can stop you from becoming a true legend of the wild!


Master the art of combat!
Explore three leagues and four elements, with hundreds of skills and combos to discover. Different deployments and tactics can lead to unexpected outcomes.

Legends of The Wild

Recruit heroes and assemble your army!
With a vast array of heroes of distinct abilities and appearances to choose from, you can form the perfect team to conquer any challenge that comes your way!

Alliance makes you stronger!
Unite with other players by joining or creating an alliance. Forge new friendships and work together to reclaim lost territories and defend against invaders. Unravel hidden truths and secrets on your way to supremacy!

Legends of The Wild

Build & Expand your Kingdom!
Mine resources, grow crops, and explore the wilderness to gain the upper hand. Rise to greatness with your diligence and resourcefulness.

Legends of The Wild

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Available: Google Play – PH, MY, ID

Legends of The Wild

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