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Cube Heroes – ENG

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of Cube Heroes (by AlsoGame)

Explore, collect, adventure, discover!

Adventurer, you’re here at last. Many mutant beasts have appeared throughout the Kingdom, and a number of robbers are taking advantage of this disaster. The King issued a summons, hoping that you would do your part to quell the unrest! The tavern in the Kingdom has gathered a large number of warriors, each of whom have hidden strength, and advised you to recruit them to journey together for safety.

Cube Heroes

Far from the Kingdom City, there’s a variety of areas waiting for you to explore: dry deserts, damp swamps, hot volcanoes or cold tundras, all over the expansive map. Unlock every level! Defeat the boss monsters in the region to liberate them completely!

Cube Heroes

The best way to make a name for yourself in the world is to get into the arena and fight! Take the stage and beat other adventurers. Tell them who’s the boss and who’s the most powerful!

Cube Heroes

On the way, don’t forget to collect plants and ores back to the Kingdom to be studied by alchemists and forgers, who will help you turn these resources into medicine and equipment, no matter if they’re medicine for combat, powerful melee weapons, or they’re commonly collected resources picked carefully.

Cube Heroes

Tired of exploring? Want to try farming? Watch out for animals on the map, catch them, train them, and you can be a pet trainer! In some areas, there will be ancient ruins whose mysteries you can solve for ancient treasures. You can pick vegetables from the fields, catch big fish from the river, cook delicious meals, and take them to the pub to share your tasty craft!

As you travel through countless regions and gather more clues, you will find that behind the unrest lies a huge mystery, and now that the crisis is slowly approaching, you must solve the mystery to save the world!

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Cube Heroes
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