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Samurai: Legend of the Moon Moon

Official Launch+Apk

💡Platform – Android

The description of 侍魂:朧月傳說 (by ALICE GAME)

Below the Moon Moon, the samurai returns. The 3D action mobile game “Samurai: Legend of the Moon Moon” authorized by SNK and authorized by SNK will bring you back to the Edo era!

Connect with friends to form a team, challenge the 8-member group, and even drop epic equipment. The brave must be able to think of “Orange”!

Swordsman, Miko, Ninja, Ranger, the four major professions and nine job transfers each have their own characteristics. The primary and secondary skills are freely matched, the ultimate secret is awakened, and the full-screen smash hits. As far as my sword can reach, a hundred ghosts are scattered!

[Connect friends to form a team, fight together and open up wasteland]
The group of eight people, the decisive battle against the fierce country
Connect friends to fight together, KO classic BOSS
Only the team-based challenge will test your strength the most!


[Full screen big move spike, fun fighting experience]
Classic skills are restored, and a hearty sense of combat strikes
More full-screen cool big move spike
This time, rekindle your fighting blood!


[A beautiful and windy world, exploring the Edo style]
Falling Ying Colorful, Maple Red Belle
A city full of cherry blossoms, the birthplace of the Samurai heroes
The exquisite and open world will bring you back to Edo in your dreams!


[Classic dungeon challenge, epic suit drop]
A copy of the classic abyss, exciting experience of brushing pictures
Bloody dark abyss, drop epic equipment
The indomitable brave must think of “orange” in his heart!

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